Process algebra and StateCharts

If we want to model an access to a resource that could not be read and written at the same time, we could use either process algebra or State Charts from UML analysis. In either cases the desired object is an element that could perform both read and write operations,... [Read More]
Tags: java, programming, statecharts, CSS

A journey towards Hacking my reMarkable

reMarkable is Linux and partially FOSS. This means that it can be easily accessed and customized. For the moment, I’m trying to fix some minor problems of the device. I’m going to update this post with the solutions I came up with. [Read More]
Tags: reMarkable

How to embed a ScreenCast into a Web Page through Node.js

This brief post will tell ya how to create a live stream and to make it available to any user that has a web browser. This is possible since you can always redirect a mpeg stream into a WebSocket, and then show the content in a web page via JavaScript... [Read More]
Tags: dyi,, nodejs,, ffmpeg,, streaming

Issues with

I have some problems with the hosting platform. Some resources on the current website could not be available. If you do not manage to find these files, please e-mail me and ask. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. [Read More]
Tags: problems