This page contains some projects regarding both my research duties and my personal interests. During my PhD Courses, I was involved in other projects, such as:

  • As a visiting Ph.D. student at the Universität Leipzig, I contribute to the FOSS Gradoop project with my own fork. I’ll implement some graph operators.
  • DISeASE: Implementing The Watson Project from scratch for ICD-9-CM codes recognition (feat. Alexander Pollok)

Student Projects

As a Graduate (G) and Undergraduate (U) student, I developped the following code:

  • (G) A Jason’s extension showing the occurring communications between the agents, using GraphStream (feat. Giulio Biagini and Gianluca Iselli). With the same group I coded an Omnet++ simulation implementing a P2P algorithm, using C++11 and GraphBoost Library
  • (G) SocialSim: a dynamic (Social) Network Simulator using both agent model and event model simulation.
  • (U) Amppercent7: a Multi-Chat Project developed with Android SDK and Beem-Asmack library (feat. Elena Tea Russo).
  • (U) UMView with Guardian Angels: an implenentation of the “Guardian Angels” technique inside the UMView SystemCall Virtual Machine. More details (feat. Gianluca Iselli and Matteo Martelli)
  • (U) Orthopediatrics: an undergraduate project for the Software Engineering course. It uses Easier Java Persistence (EJP) for persistence issues. (feat. Fabian Priftaj, Matej Torok and Paolo de Luca)
  • (U) Proxy miniHTTP/miniHTML with prefetching: an implementation of a multithreaded sytstem for caching purposes with time-validity checking.

Code Snippets

I wrote a lot of very short projects. Those are:

  • Running an R-script as a daemon
  • loaderPlugin: a single-header library used in SocialSim for defining a PlugIn repository
  • How-To on implementing iterators on C++11
  • krouter: implements a Omnet++ router that emits packets to k different ports with different assigned probabilities
  • parse_commands_http: parses http headers in C++11
  • block_tcp: given a list of IPs and URLs, blocks incoming and outcoming TCP packets
  • a Python scripts that removes e-mail from known spammers or social networks.