Research Projects

I am interested in very theoretical research projects having an immediate fallback in practical use case scenarios. Some of my interests are the following:

  • Theoretical Background:
    • (Relational) Database Theory (modeling, query languages)
    • Conformance Checking and Trace Alignments
    • Graph Theory and Query
    • Inconsistency Metrics
  • Practical Use Case Scenarios:
    • VideoGame User Experience
    • Recommendation Systems

This entails the development of the following projects:

  • KnoBAB: a fast knowledge base supporing efficient long with payloads for data-driven temporal queries.

Projects as a Student

As a Graduate (G), Undergraduate (U), and PhD (P) student, I developped the following code:

Code Snippets

As a student, I wrote a lot of very short projects. Those are:

  • Running an R-script as a daemon
  • loaderPlugin: a single-header library used in SocialSim for defining a PlugIn repository
  • How-To on implementing iterators on C++11
  • krouter: implements a Omnet++ router that emits packets to k different ports with different assigned probabilities
  • parse_commands_http: parses http headers in C++11
  • block_tcp: given a list of IPs and URLs, blocks incoming and outcoming TCP packets
  • a Python scripts that removes e-mail from known spammers or social networks.