Lecturer: Dr Rich Davison \& Dr. Giacomo Bergami

  1. Levels and Goals (Dr. Giacomo Bergami)

    I. Probability in Game Design (Slides, Handouts, Code: C#, C++)

    II. From Probability to Navigation (Slides, Code: C#, Python)

    III. From Navigation to Analysis (Slides, Code: C#, C++)

    IV. Evidenced outcomes (Slides)

  2. Players and Adversaries (Dr. Giacomo Bergami)

    I. Modelling Winning Probabilities in Stochastic Games (Slides, Code: C#, Python)

    II. Correlating Skills with Strategies (Slides)

    • To Study or To Party?: C++ and C#

    • Trivial RL Robot: C++

    III. Game Theory for Non-Cooperative Games (Slides, Code: C#)